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 Student Activities

Student Activities Support
Suranaree University of Technology places equal importance to student activities alongside the classroom, to provide experiences that complete the development process of a full scholar as well as supplement the classroom directly. SUT student activities are mainly organized by the "Student Organization" consisting of two principal bodies: the Administrative Organization and the Student Council.
    The "Student Organization" is the only organization of its kind for all SUT students. Student activities are not classified according to institutes or programs of study, so that there may be created unity and well-rounded development of the students physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and personally. SUT is the first university to create such a culture in student activities.

New Students Welcoming Activities

     SUT's new students welcoming activities emphasize creative activities without violence and with due respect for democracy and human rights. New students experience the Baisi Su Kwan, a northeastern traditional welcoming ceremony annually hosted by SUT together with government and private organizations in the province.

SUT Students' Dormitories
    Suranaree University of Technology provides 2,004 rooms accommodation to a total of 6,012 students in the Academic Year 2004. The university currently has 6,099 students in residence divided into 5,497 undergraduate students and 602 graduate students. Students living on campus total 4,563 or 74.82% out of which 4,520 are undergraduate students and 43 graduate students as follows:

Other Services
    The university provides student dormitories, health services, guidance and counseling services, and venues for student activities organizations. General health and sports facilities, on-campus bus services, banking and post office services, and CU-SUT Book Center are also available.

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