The Career of 'Tiger' Woods

Gap-fill exercise

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Curriculum Vitae for Tiger Woods

Born: 30th. December, 1975

Father: Earl Woods, American

Mother: Khultida, Thai

Started playing: When he was 11 months' old

Appeared in his first television show: When he was 2 years' old

Youngest Player: To win the Junior National Championships

Started professional golfing: On 26th. August 1996

Last competition he won: Western Open in July 2003

Next competition will be: British Open


On 1st. January, 1999

In July, 2003 / In 2003

When he was 3 years' old

   He appeared      He was      his mother      His next competition      is an      started playing      was born      when he was   
Write a short paragraph about Tiger Woods' career. Use all the information given and look at the notes to see how to write about dates and ages.

Tiger Woods on 30th. December, 1975. His father, Earl Woods, American and , Khultida, is Thai. He golf when he was 11 months' old. in his first television show 2 years' old. the youngest player to win the Junior National Championships. He started professional golfing on 26th. August 1996. The last competition he won was the Western Open in July 2003. will be the British Open.