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Net precautions for the young

Here are a few rules followed by youngsters:

Never give your password to anyone- especially to your best friend! Think about it. He or she is bound to play a joke on you by using your password to log on as “you” and send a message to someone you know. This message might be funny –or not (And if your friend gets mad at “you”, then watch out!

Never answer online messages that make you feel uncomfortable. Better still, don’t open a message unless you recognize the sender. Just delete it. Why? Think of the Net as a telephone line. Would you respond to a stranger who called and started asking questions?

Don’t believe everything you see online. Anyone can write anything on the Internet. Think about it: how many people do you know have told the truth on line? The “cute young girl” online could turn out to be a big, scary man in person.

Sources: The Nation Section B: E-Life May 21, 2000 p.B2