Listening 2: Tiger Woods

Gap-fill exercise

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   businessmen      cheaper and easier      dad's club      good at      half Thai      play properly      practising for      the ground   
A foreigner, Paul, is asking a Thai friend, Nittaya, about playing golf in Thailand and about 'Tiger' Woods.

Paul: Nit, do you play golf?

Nit: No, not really. I've tried, but I wasn't very it. Anyway, women don't really play golf much in Thailand yet.

Paul: Oh, right. But golf is quite a popular sport now for men in Thailand, isn't it?

Nit: Yeah, sure, especially for and politicians.

Paul: Does that mean it's very expensive to play golf in Thailand?

Nit: Oh, no, not at all. It's much than in Europe and America.

Paul: Yes, in England golf is a rich man's sport. To , you have to belong to a golf club and it's difficult to join and also very expensive.

Nit: So do you play much in England?

Paul: Yes, I do, a lot. Fortunately, I can play at my as a junior member. By the way, I'm a great fan of 'Tiger' Woods and I heard he's very popular in Thailand? Is that right?

Nit: Yes, that's right, although actually he's only . His father is American and his mother is Thai. He was born in America and he has always lived there. I don't think he even speaks much Thai.

Paul: Well, anyway he's a great golf player. Actually he wasn't doing very well recently until he won the Western Open last week. Now he's the British Open.

Nit: So, do you think he'll win that too?

Paul: Oh, it's difficult to say. He's staying at home to practise hard. He usually goes to Ireland before the British Open to relax and to get used to the weather.

Nit: Is the weather a problem then?

Paul: Yes, it can be, especially if it's cold and wet. But this year the weather has been quite warm, which means will be hard and the ball will bounce more.

Nit: Well, I hope 'Tiger' wins anyway. It'll be good for Thailand.