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The Career of David Beckham

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   12 million      16      18      28      Beckam      Brazil      Brooklyn and Romeo      custom-built Ferrari      Korea      Manchester United      Posh Spice      Real Madrid      Ryan Giggs   

Listen to the dialogue talking about David Beckham, a famous football player.

A: Where have you been?
B: I've been watching Manchester United play Leeds.

A: Oh, yeah. Was it a good game?
B: Yeah, great.

A: Who won?
B: , of course, 2-1.

A: Who scored?
B: , of course!

A: So you're a fan, are you?
B: Yeah, I think he's really great. He scored the first goal from a penalty and then he crossed the ball from near the corner to and he headed it in. The goalie didn't stand a chance!

A: I heard Beckham's leaving Manchester United, is it really true?
B: Yes, it's very sad. He's going to play for in Spain now.

A: How old is he now then?
B: Well, he was born on 5th. February, 1975, so that makes him years' old. He started playing football when he was just a kid. He used to kick a ball around with his Dad until it was too dark to see.

A: So when did he start playing for Manchester United?
B: When he was about . He dropped out of school and went to play for Manchester United's Junior Team. He played his first professional game for Manchester two years later when he was only .

A: I saw him play for England in the quarter finals of the World Cup in last year, but England were knocked out by Brazil who won in the end.
B: Yes, he helped England a lot against .

A: Didn't he get married to one of the Spice Girls?
B: Yes, Vicky Adams. They call her "." They're very popular in England. Now they've got two lovely kids too, .

A: Beckham must be rich now.
B: Right. He makes more than $ dollars a year and now he owns seven cars, including a , a Porsche 911, a Range Rover, and a Jaguar.