Listening 1: Buying a new computer

Gap-fill exercise

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A students is at a local computer shop. The student wants to buy a new computer.

Student: I'm a new student here and I need a computer for my .
Shopkeeper: OK. What of computer are you looking for?
St: Well, I basically want to do word processing and on the Internet.
SK: Then, you'll need the latest version of Microsoft office, a modem and an Internet browser. Oh! You may want a too. It'll be more convenient because you can see your work right away.
St: Okay. Um! What's this over here?
SK: It's a . You can put pictures or documents in here and it copies them onto your computer.
St: Interesting but I don't think I'll be needing it right now.
SK: Here is our newest computer. It is very light and easy to carry.
St: I think I need a desktop computer.
SK: OK. Here is our newest monitor, CPU, and set. This computer has all of the functions you will need.
St: Are a microphone and included?
SK: Of course.
St: Ok. Sounds good. How much is it?
SK: Only 35,000 baht.