Listening 1: Going to see the doctor

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The following conversation takes place between a patient, Anne, and her doctor, Dr. Fleming.

Anne: Good morning, doctor. I am about my weight, doctor, I just seem to be getting fatter and .

Doctor: Well, do you have a good ? You may be eating too much of the wrong things
and too little of the right things.

Anne: Well, it's difficult for me, doctor. You see, I do eat a lot of at work,
because I'm always busy and I don't have time to eat a proper meal.

Doctor: Try to have something light during the day, like a and fruit, and then a
proper meal in the evenings.

Anne: I will try, doctor, because my friends are telling me I'm too fat and I should eat less.

Doctor: It's important to have in your diet. We all need to eat many different sorts of foods to be healthy.

Anne: I know I eat too many things like cakes, and chocolate.

Doctor: So, make a start by trying to the sweet things. Also avoid fatty things and
oil. Eat plenty of fruit and , such as carrots, apples, and oranges. They will give you vitamins, and fiber.

Anne: I usually have a lot of toast and tea for breakfast in the morning.

Doctor: Have and some instead of toast. For dinner in the evening, you can
have potatoes or pasta, which are , and they will give you and energy.

Anne: I'll try, doctor.

Doctor: Please take regular exercise and weigh yourself every week. Come and see me
again in a month and we'll see if you are losing some weight.

Anne: Oh! Thank you very much, doctor. You've been very helpful. Goodbye.