Four Sports Vocabulary Quizzes by esl.guide@about.com
Quiz 1: Where Do You Play Football?
Quiz 2: Do, Play or Go with Various Sports
Quiz 3: Which Equipment Do You Use To Play Various Sports?
Quiz 4: How Do You Measure Things In Various Sports?

The Vocabulary Links Page of the UCFV ESL Department
Let try 2 sport quizzes by Vera Mello.
Quiz 1: Sports Words
Quiz 2: Soccer Vocabulary

Five Links on Sports by BBC World Service - Learning English
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Exercise 5

Vocabulary Matching Quiz - Sports by Paul Shoebottom at Frankfurt International School

A world of sports by Isabel Perez Torres

Sports Vocabulary Quizzes with Images by the Internet TESL Journal

Sports Hangman by English club


Present Perfect Tense


Click for Audio Present Perfect Tense by eslgold.com

Introductions & Exercises on Present Perfect Tense by UVic English Language Centre
1. Forming the Present Perfect Tense (Introduction & 2 exercises)
2. Using the Present Perfect Tense (Introduction & 3 exercises)
3. Present Perfect and Simple Past (Introduction and 5 exercises)

Introduction by SiliconValley GeoCities

Explanation by English Page

List of Past Participle Verbs by English Page

This page by EnglishClub.com will teach you the structure and use of the
present perfect tense in English.

How do we use the Present Perfect Tense? by EnglishClub.com

Introduction & 6 exercises by the Happy Verby Gang

Explanation by Learn4good.com


Two Linked Present Perfect Tense Crosswords by English On the Run
Exercise 1
Exercise 2

Three exercises by the Internet TESL Journal
Exercise 1: Present Perfect
Exercise 2: An Interactive Quiz on Present Perfect or Past Tense
Exercise 3:For- Since

Two linked exercises on Simple Past / Present Perfect by ENGLISHPAGE.COM
Exercise 1
Exercise 2

A gap-fill exercise by OLD English

Simple Past and Present Perfect Exercise by Dave's ESL Cafe

Present Perfect vs Past Tense Practice by Julie Sevastopoulos, ESL Department - College of San Mateo

Present Perfect verb tense exercise by virtual ESL Grammar

An exercise by ESL Classroom.com

Simple Past VS. Present Perfect by English-zone.com

Two linked exercises by ESL 904 Practice
Exercise 1: Present Perfect: Indefinite Past
Exercise 2: Correct the Mistakes

Two linked exercises by Isabel Pérez Torres
Exercise 1: Gap-fill
Exercise 2: Words Order


Two linked exercises by Morris Bibliowicz' ESL Website
Exercise 1: Present Perfect
Exercise 2: Present Perfect Negative

Four exercises by Angelfire.com
Exercise 1: Present Perfect vs. Simple Past 1: Time expressions
Exercise 2: Present Perfect vs. Simple Past 2: Short-answer quiz
Exercise 3: Present Perfect vs. Simple Past 3: Using ago, for, and since

Exercise 4: Gap-fill exercise: Present Perfect vs. Simple Past


Listening 1: The Career of David Beckham
Listening 2: Tiger Woods


Exercise 1: The Career of David Beckham
Exercise 2: Tiger Woods


Reading 1: Sports in Britain
Reading 2: American Football
Reading 3: Ice Hockey


The Career of 'Tiger' Woods

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